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Amazon A+ Content: A Quick Overview and How-to

Amazon A+ Content: A Quick Overview and How-to

What Is Amazon A+ Content?

Amazon A+ Content is a feature that changes the fashion of product descriptions. It goes beyond plain texts and stock photos, enabling you to stand out from the crowd. With A+ content, you can tell unique brands stories by using custom text placements. It includes eye-catching multimedia that awards users inch-perfect illustrations of products.


The features of A+ Content are:

Improved Product Descriptions

Draw out the benefits of your product using

  • Bullet point feature

  • Unique Brand Images and Text Layouts

  • Matrix Comparison Charts

  • Custom Paragraph headers and Images

Brand Content

Inform customers on brand values and history with the features of

  • Full-Screen Background via desktop and mobile devices

  • Image and text cards

  • Links to other products and the brand store

A+ content vs. A++ content

A+ Content

  • Price - Free

  • Modules - 12 Basic

  • Modules Per Page - 5

  • Max Width: 970px content width

  • Mobile-Friendly - Yes

  • Availability - All vendors

A++ Content

  • Price - Paid

  • Module - 16 Interactive

  • Modules Per Page - 7

  • Max Width - 1464px content width

  • Mobile-Friendly - Yes

  • Availability - Invited Vendors

How Do I Get Access to Create A+ Content?

This feature is available for professional sellers approved as brand owners in Amazon Brand Registry Process. It is also available for emerging brand owners who are part of managed selling programs, like Amazon Exclusives and Launchpad.

Why Is Amazon A+ Content Important?

Face the Competition

Amazon is the most popular shopping platform, reaching worldwide audiences. You should go head-to-head with competitors and try to win customers' hearts. According to the latest data, Amazon has more than 2.5 million sellers on the platform with over 300 million active users. 

The vast majority shop at Amazon through searches, not by browsing it. Try to look at it as a search engine of an online shop. You need optimized content to have all eyes on you. So, if you want to get your e-commerce show running, the content is the special sauce for shining on Amazon. 

Producing the Best Content Possible

Optimizing your product listing with A+ provides you with the chance to produce the best content possible. You can cover all the crucial details and write top-quality descriptions. Besides that, with rich visuals, you can build a strong brand reputation. 

Google Rankings

The cherry at the top of the cake is that Google indexes text and images in the A+ content. Who says no to it? Here is another channel where you can attract potential customers and generate leads.

What Are the Benefits of A+ Content?

Here are some of the benefits you can get from the A+ content:

  • Increased traffic - A+ Content boosts your ranking on Amazon SERP.

  • Conversion rate - According to Amazon, on average A+ Content increases sales to 10%.

  • Brand Capital - Consumers appreciate the effort put on content. You can raise awareness of your brand and make your content stand out.

  • Boost Other Products -  You can integrate other products on your page and push potential sales too.

  • Informed Customer = Better Chance for Reviews -  With A+ Content, you can give away comprehensive information and leave less room for uncertainty. It can lead to fewer negative reviews and a better rating.

  • Reduced Returns - Considering the philosophy above, familiarized purchase decisions lead to fewer returns.

How to Create Amazon A+ Content?

Show the Unique Value of the Product

Highlight what makes your product unique compared to the competition. That is the basic rule of marketing and the crucial element of overall messaging. You are telling potential customers why they should stick with you rather than competitors. 

Make your product benefits crystal clear to customers so they will not hesitate to take action. Unique Sales Proposition (USP) is not a single benefit. You can write as many as necessary if you consider that it is worth it.

Wondering how? Answer simple questions such as

  • What are the benefits of using my product?

  • How can my development contribute to the daily life of customers?

A+ content will support you to combine the visuals with texts to make your value proposition unique.

Make your content short and easily digestible

As we receive information at the speed of light, customers have become more impatient than ever. You should adapt to the situation and try to keep your content simple and straight to the point. Notify details to shoppers swiftly and do not disturb them with random info.

  • Cut the long sentences.

  • Include numbered and bullet lists

  • Use short videos

  • Images with less informational but essential details

Use alt text

The alt text describes the image to the search engines. Although alt text is not visible for customers, it plays a massive role in determining what to appear in search results. 

As we have already discussed, search engines index the images of Amazon A+ content. So it's noteworthy to pay attention to the alt text.

Tell a brand story

Think about your favorite brand. All conjure vivid images of various associations and emotions. That's the superpower of branding. It turns out to be an influential factor in decision-making.

A brand story covers the series of events that inspired your company's brave origins. Not only that but how it still drives the company towards progress today. You are building trust by sharing inspirational moments from your past.

People love stories. Let's say you managed to craft a compelling story. Your audience will remember you, even develop empathy. So, you will be more than a company, but a familiar face with characteristics, as a friend.

Take high quality photos

Amazon is a virtual store where customers can't feel the product and see it live. That's why shoppers tend to take a closer look at products and observe even tiny parts. It is only possible with high-quality pictures.

That's not a cheap option, but your dedication to content will pay off.

More Visuals and Fewer Texts

A+ content should catch the eyes of customers easily. This means you should offer a slick design with minimal text efforts. Yet, compile simple texts that will cover all the valuable messages of your product.

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