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Amazon Ads to accelerate
the Amazon Flywheel

Case study | Baby products

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Initial situation

Our client, a well-known baby products manufacturer, had high-quality products in their range, but was not sufficiently visible on Amazon. Competition in the baby category was intense, and there was a need to increase brand exposure and drive sales on Amazon.


The main objective was to activate the so called Amazon Flywheel to increase brand awareness, traffic and sales. Specifically, the following goals were to be achieved:

  • Increase traffic through SEO optimization

  • Increase brand awareness through the use of Amazon Ads (Sponsored Products and Brands)

  • Improvement of the brand store on Amazon to optimize the brand presentation

Initial situation



SEO optimization: Conduct comprehensive keyword research and integrate relevant keywords into product descriptions, bullets and titles.


Brand Store Optimization: Create an engaging brand store on Amazon that highlights the brand image and product variety.



Amazon PPC: Create PPC campaigns, including Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands, to increase visibility in search results.


Amazon Sponsored Display Ads to further increase brand awareness and engage potential customers more visually with more brand information.


Amazon DSP: Implement an Amazon DSP strategy and campaign to engage customers who have already been in contact with the brand and drive sales.


Activation of the Amazon Flywheel, 

through higher sales and more customer reviews lead to improved organic visibility on Amazon.

 +30% Traffic

on product page

by combining SEO and PPC.

 +50% Revenue

through effective use of Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and DSP campaigns.

Increased brand awareness

on Amazon by 45% within 3 months.

Key takeaway

The step-by-step implementation of all available Amazon Advertising solutions offers brands the opportunity to set the Amazon Flywheel in motion.

  • The key to success lies in strategic planning and continuous optimization of all Amazon Advertising measures.

  • A combination of SEO and brand store optimization as well as Amazon Ads (PPC, Display Ads and DSP) enables a targeted increase in brand presence.

  • Organic visibility benefits greatly from a boost from Amazon Ads.

Key takeaway
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