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Successful Amazon presence for a nutritional supplement brand

Case study | Nutritional supplements

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Initial situation

Our client, a manufacturer of high-quality nutritional supplements, faced several challenges in building a successful Amazon business. These included high competition, stricter compliance requirements and the need to gain customer trust in the quality of the products.


The goal was to establish a strong presence on Amazon and significantly increase sales while ensuring compliance and customer confidence in the products. The specific objectives included:

  • Increase sales on Amazon by 50% within 12 months

  • Meeting strict compliance requirements for dietary supplements

  • Build positive customer reviews on Amazon

Initial situation



Compliance Review: Thoroughly review and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements for dietary supplements on Amazon.


Optimized product descriptions: Created informative and trustworthy product descriptions that highlighted the quality and effectiveness of the supplements.



Review management: actively manage customer reviews to minimize negative reviews and encourage positive reviews.


Marketing campaigns: Execute targeted Amazon PPC campaigns to increase product visibility and persuade customers to trial.


Improve average customer ratings 

by 1.5 stars and build a positive brand image. 

 +57% Revenue

increase of organic traffic

on the product listings.

Meeting all compliance requirements

and maintaining an impeccable product listing on Amazon.

Key takeaway

This case study highlights the importance of thorough preparation and strategy development for dietary supplement manufacturers on Amazon.

  • A detailed review of all compliance requirements for the safe sale of NEM in ecommerce and on Amazon is essential.

  • Confidence-building product descriptions and active evaluation management are critical to success.

  • A thriving Amazon business in the nutritional supplements sector requires additional Amazon Ads to convince customers to make their first purchase.

Key takeaway
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