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Advice on Amazon and other Ecommerce Marketplaces

We develop and implement strategies that position brands successfully and sustainably on ecommerce marketplaces. 

Decisions based on tailor-made analytics

Practical advice and actionable steps

Unbiased, open-ended approach


eBazaaris helps brands to get a good understanding of their starting point, clearly formulates goals and achieves sustainable success in ecommerce.

Analytics for Transparent Decisions

Our marketplace experts analyze all aspects of the ecommerce marketplace.

• Retail readiness
• Market & competition
• Share of Voice

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Advice on Ecommerce Marketplaces and Social Platforms

Our experts work with you to develop a strategy as the basis for sustainable ecommerce.

• Ecommerce / marketplace strategies
• Internationalization
Business model analysis
• Internalization of competencies and processes

• Workshops and on-site training

Get a Free Consultation Session

In an initial phone call we will discuss your needs and requirements in the ecommerce marketplace. We will then be happy to prepare a free brand analysis for your brands.

Jasper Balkenhol
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