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Establishing a hybrid selling model to reduce dependency

Case study | Baby products

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Initial situation

Our client, a manufacturer of baby products, had a broad product range and was already an Amazon Vendor (1P) with some of its products. The initial situation was characterised by the desire for more flexibility in the sales strategy, improved pricing and the ability to bring new products or product versions to market more quickly.


The main goal was to increase control over sales on Amazon and at the same time benefit from the advantages of both models. Specifically, the following goals were to be achieved:

  • Simplified negotiation of terms and conditions with Amazon

  • Improved control over prices and product placement

  • Faster introduction of new products and product versions

  • Maximisation of total sales on Amazon

Initial situation



Listing of the product portfolio in eBazaaris Sellers: Listing of all vendor products in eBazaaris Seller Central.


Establishment of pricing structure: Introduction of standardised pricing across various channels.



Creation of bundles and multipacks: Listing of virtual bundles and multipacks on Amazon, including links to individual products.


Inventory planning: Establishment of a regular ordering process with consideration and long-term planning of deal events and seasons such as Black Friday or Christmas.


+25% turnover

across channels within 12 months.

Improved control

over prices and product placement in all sales channels

Simplified condition negotiations

with Amazon, through better positioning and negotiation basis

Faster market launch

of new products and product versions, as the 3P approach was more flexible

Key takeaway

This case study emphasises the advantages of an Amazon hybrid model that enables the simultaneous use of Amazon Vendor and Amazon Seller. The choice of seller options (own seller, trusted merchant seller or eBazaaris seller) provides flexibility and control over the sales strategy on Amazon. The right balance between 1P and 3P sales channels allows brands to capitalise on the strengths of both models and increase overall sales. The key to success lies in strategic planning and continuous optimisation to achieve the desired results.

Key takeaway
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