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Social Commerce on Instagram for gaining sales

Case study | Toys


Initial situation

Our client is an established manufacturer of high-quality toys that wanted to expand its online sales and increase its social media presence. The brand was looking for a way to promote its products via influencer marketing on Instagram and increase sales on Amazon at the same time.


The main goal of the campaign was to increase the brand's visibility on Instagram and increase traffic and sales on its Amazon product page. Specifically, the following goals should be achieved:

  • Increase Instagram followers by at least 20%.

  • Increase Amazon sales by 30% within 3 months.

  • Generate positive user-generated content and customer reviews on Amazon.

Initial situation



Identification and selection of Instagram influencers that fit brand's target audience.


Development of a campaign strategy that highlights the USPs of the products.



Creating engaging content that influencers share on their Instagram profiles and link to Amazon.


Use of special discount codes for followers to incentivize purchases on Amazon.


Active monitoring of the campaign to monitor influencer performance and engagement and optimize the campaign during its run.


Increased brand awareness 

and a growing community of engaged customers on Instagram. 


increase in Instagram

followers after 2 months.

increase in Amazon sales revenue
in the campaign period.

Positive customer reviews

on Amazon after contact with campaign and purchase.

Key takeaway

Combining influencer marketing with a clear sales goal on Amazon offers brand manufacturers new growth opportunities in e-commerce.

  • The selection of influencers who can represent the brand and product is a crucial success factor.

  • Well-prepared content creation and adaptation together with the influencer delivers authentic results.

  • Companies can use social commerce to generate new growth opportunities for already established brands.

Key takeaway
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