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Listing optimization to increase traffic on Amazon

Case study | Hifi / audio products

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Initial situation

Our client, a manufacturer of high-quality hi-fi/audio products, had a wide range of products on Amazon. However, the existing product listings were not optimally aligned with Amazon, resulting in lower visibility and sales.


The goal was to improve the organic visibility of products on Amazon to generate more traffic and increase conversion rates. The specific goals included:

  • Increase organic traffic on product listings by at least 30%

  • Improve visibility in relevant search results through targeted keyword optimization

  • Increase conversion rate through appealing and informative product descriptions

Initial situation



Keyword research: conduct Amazon-specific keyword research to identify relevant brand, category, and backend keywords.


Keyword optimization: integration of identified keywords into product descriptions, titles and backend fields to increase visibility in Amazon search results.



Product image optimization: improve product images to attract customers' attention and illustrate the quality of products.


Product Description Optimization: Revise product descriptions to clearly and compellingly present product benefits, features, and applications.


Significantly improved visibility 

in relevant Amazon search results, especially for relevant keywords. 


increase of organic traffic

on the product listings.


increase of the conversion rate due to the informative and appealing product descriptions.

Key takeaway

Listing optimization on Amazon is necessary to increase organic visibility and increase conversion.

  • Data-driven keyword research and proper integration in title, bullets, and description is critical.

  • Optimized product images is another aspect that increases conversion on the product detail page.

  • An optimized listing is a prerequisite for the successful implementation of Amazon Ads.

Key takeaway
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