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A+ content for brand presentation and sales enablement

Case study | BBQ knifes

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Initial situation

Our client, a manufacturer of high-quality BBQ knives, faced the challenge of standing out in a competitive market on Amazon. The existing product pages on Amazon offered limited opportunities to showcase the brand and products.


The main objective was to strengthen brand presence on Amazon and increase conversion rates by leveraging A+ content and brand stories. The specific objectives included:

  • Increase conversion rate by at least 15% on the product pages.

  • Improve cross-selling and up-selling effect by presenting the entire brand portfolio.

  • Increase brand awareness and customer trust through engaging content.

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Initial situation



A+ content development: creating A+ content pages with engaging product images, detailed product descriptions, and compelling brand stories.


Integration of videos and graphics: Integration of product videos and graphics to illustrate the functionality and quality of the BBQ knives.



Cross- and up-selling: Presentation of the entire brand portfolio on the A+ content pages to promote cross- and up-selling effects.


Continuous optimization: Regularly update A+ content pages to promote seasonal offers and special promotions.


Successful cross-selling and up-selling effects,

encouraging customers to purchase additional products from the brand manufacturer.

 +18% CVR

increase of the conversion rate on the product pages.

Key takeaway

Presenting the products and brand using A+ content has a significant impact on sales success using videos, graphics and comparison tables.

  • A+ content and brand stories, strengthen brand presence and conversion on Amazon.

  • A+ content offers opportunities for cross-selling and upselling.

  • Continuous optimization and adaptation of content is necessary to address customers in the best possible way.

Key takeaway
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