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Optimized product images
on Amazon for higher conversion

Case study | Waterproofing agent


Initial situation

Our customer, a manufacturer of high-quality waterproofing products, had an increasing number of returns and negative customer reviews on Amazon. The existing product images could not sufficiently convey the quality and application of the products.


The goal was to increase conversion rates, reduce returns and minimize negative reviews by optimizing Amazon product images. The specific objectives included:

  • Increase conversion rate by at least 20% through appealing product images.

  • Reduction of the return rate by 15% through clear product visualization.

  • Avoidance of negative customer reviews through informative and authentic product images.

Initial situation



Creation of high-quality product images that illustrated the quality and correct application of the impregnating agent.


Presentation of the products from different angles as well as highlighting the unique selling points, e.g. Made in Germany, to offer a comprehensive product presentation.



Integration of images that showed the products in real-life application scenarios to illustrate practical use.


Use of authentic product images to create realistic expectations among customers.


Avoid negative customer reviews

by using authentic product images that showed the actual product quality. 

 +27% CVR

growth through optimized product images.

Key takeaway

This case study highlights the importance of thorough preparation and strategy development for dietary supplement manufacturers on Amazon.

  • Optimized product images are crucial to present the products on Amazon more advantageously according to your unique selling propositions.

  • Meaningful product images can minimize unwanted returns and negative reviews.

  • Product image optimization should be an integral part of Amazon's marketing strategy to maximize success on the platform.

Key takeaway
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