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Sale of everyday consumer products via Amazon

Case study | Food

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Initial situation

The brand manufacturer was faced with the challenge of making its products competitively priced in e-commerce. The sale of individual items was less profitable compared to retail due to high shipping costs. The need to develop an effective strategy to increase online sales while reducing costs was therefore the goal.


  • Competitiveness: Offering products with a low sales price online in order to compete with brick-and-mortar retailers

  • Reduction of shipping costs: Introduction of multipacks and bundles to reduce shipping costs per item

  • Increase customer loyalty: Addressing repeat customers through attractive multipack offers

  • Increase shopping basket value: Increase the average value of the shopping basket through bundles

Initial situation



Data analysis: Analysing historical purchase data to identify popular article combinations and quantities.


Consideration of logistical data: Inclusion of packaging units to reduce costs.



Development of a portfolio: Based on the analyses, composition of a specific portfolio of multipacks and bundles, adapted to the price structures of the retail trade.


73% reduction

of the average shipping costs
per unit sold

35% increase

of the repurchase rate within a period of 6 months


in average shopping basket value by 28% thanks to attractive bundle options

Establishment of a new sales channel

with a high 6-digit turnover within 12 months

Key takeaway

This project illustrates how data-based decisions and creative product bundling in e-commerce can achieve significant benefits for items that do not appear suitable online due to their selling price. The strategy of using multipacks and bundles to both reduce costs and increase sales has proven to be effective. This approach provides a valuable blueprint for brands looking to strengthen their online presence in highly competitive segments such as the drugstore sector.

Key takeaway
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