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Amazon events, deals and coupons for sales growth

Case study | Sporting goods

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Initial situation

Our client, a sporting goods manufacturer, had high quality products in their range, but there was a need to increase brand awareness and drive sales on Amazon. Competition in the sporting goods industry is intense, and it was important to stand out.


The main objective was to achieve significant sales increases by using attractive offers and promotional events. The specific targets included:

  • Increase Amazon sales by 30% within one year

  • Increase brand awareness on Amazon through targeted promotional events

  • Improving the ROI for Amazon Advertising.

Initial situation



Amazon Prime Days: Participation in Amazon Prime Days to attract the attention of Prime members with exclusive offers and deals.


In-season deals: create your own promotional events, such as "Summer Sports Sale" and "Back-to-School Fitness Deals", to target customers outside the main shopping seasons.



Coupon promotion: Introduction of coupons on Amazon to offer customers additional discounts on selected products.


Amazon Ads: Targeted Amazon PPC campaigns were run to increase the visibility of the promotional events and offers and attract potential customers.


Significant increase in brand awareness

on Amazon through the promotion of promotional events.

 +32% Revenue

growth compared to the previous year, with significant contributions from Amazon Prime Days 
and other intra-year deals.

Improved ROI

ROI for Amazon Advertising due to increased conversions during the promotion phases.

Increased customer satisfaction

through targeted coupons and offers.

Key takeaway

Brands can generate significant growth from a defined marketing and promotion strategy on Amazon:

  • Participation in Amazon Prime Day as well as promotions during the year is a must for brand manufacturers.

  • The interplay of events in combination with Amazon Ads leads to significant increases in turnover.

  • The key to success lies in the planning, implementation and continuous optimisation of marketing and promotion strategies.

Key takeaway
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