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Amazon DSP for acquiring new customers

Case study | Decoration


Initial situation

Our client is an up-and-coming manufacturer of high-quality decoration products that wanted to expand its presence on Amazon and attract new customers. The company was looking for an effective advertising strategy to stand out from competitors and target potential customers.


The main objective of the DSP campaign was to attract new customers for the brand on Amazon and to increase brand awareness. Compared to Amazon PPC (Pay-Per-Click), DSP should enable deeper targeting and improve performance in terms of brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Initial situation



Target group analysis: Identification of the most relevant target groups based on the buying behavior and interests of potential customers.


Creative design: development of appealing advertising content that highlighted the uniqueness of "FictiDecor" products.



Targeted Delivery: Leverage the Amazon DSP platform to deliver ads specifically to the selected audiences.


Monitoring and optimization: Continuously monitor campaign performance and adjust strategy to achieve the best results.


Improved customer retention

through targeted advertising to relevant audiences.


Increased brand awareness

on Amazon.

 +1500 new customers

Customer acquisition on Amazon

during campaign period.

Increased visibility

of the brand in the competitive environment.

Key takeaway

Compared to Amazon PPC, Amazon DSP offers deeper audience targeting and allows brands to spread their message across different Amazon platforms. DSP is particularly suitable for brands that want to strengthen their branding and retain customers long-term, while PPC is more aimed at immediate sales and generating clicks.

  • Amazon DSP is a powerful form of advertising to attract new customers and build brand awareness.

  • DSP can be a valuable complement to Amazon PPC, especially when long-term customer loyalty is the focus.

  • A well-thought-out Amazon DSP strategy is a must for brands that want to succeed in ecommerce.

Key takeaway
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